Media education gives children the tools to understand the motivations and techniques employed by media producers to influence consumers

Action for Media Education (AME) promotes and advocates for media literacy education, with special outreach to parents, teachers, and those who work with children.

This website includes media literacy resources to support your efforts. It provides materials, empowers your work with young people, and offers links to other terrific sites.

Your guide throughout the site is our logo, a Spongehead. Why? Because we are all "spongeheads," absorbing media (even when we think we aren't!) and processing media messages whether we intend to - or not. Our goal, as Spongeheads, is to become more media savvy. You can follow our Spongehead (currently peeking at you) to a variety of resources designed to inform and enlighten you, and to challenge the critical thinking skills necessary to survive a mega-media world.


Help AME celebrate its 25th anniversary this May, 2016. Watch for updates.